Sometimes, weekdays just aren’t convenient when the trailers don’t stop and a little Sunday morning attention is required. These trailers work day in, day out, and only really stop at the weekends.

Covering thousands of miles and delivering precious cargo, it’s important they’re in top condition and legal. Today’s electrical work will ensure this company has no down time when it comes to Monday morning.

The second trailer of the morning is this 3500kg triaxle tilt bed. A true whopper, it’s developed an earthing fault. Simple multimeter readings from the front and rear of the trailer, make it easier to determine a faults location. A common issue on this size and variety of trailer is wiring becoming Caught within the chassis rail and bed, during descent, a bungy can help in aiding the wire to pull away during the beds descent, a nice aftermarket upgrade that will alleviate issues in the future.

In today’s case, road salt had eaten away at one of the rear crimps to the direct feed to the marker lights on the nearside. The Issue was located and retracing the wiring back, the replacement section was rejoined and tucked out of direct spray from
The rear wheels. To ensure no other issues, the lighting was retested on all functions.

Corrosion within the vehicle socket will lead to faulty or intermittent lighting faults. A simple spray with a water displaced will initially help with analysing the severity of the fault. In advance cases of wear or corrosion the socket will require a replacement.

Triaxle spreading the load

“Mustn’t slip with the spanner, mustn’t slip with the spanner”!

Additional cabling is required to ensure the winch and auxiliary batteries are fully charged when required.