The roads are quiet and I’ve not seen another soul today, however my commercial customers are still going. Today’s Bateson plant trailer has experienced a few lighting issues over the past few days, so we’re onsite to problem solve and keep this company running safe and legal.

Only a few months old this trailer is the backbone of Greenwood SW fleet. It gets used for transporting equipment throughout the SW, in and out fields and upto speed on the motorways it sees every environment the team can throw at it

A miss drilled hole from manufacturing allowing water ingress, adding to the issues.

Future reference – broken lenses occur, but if we can catalogue the parts fitted then we’re able to adjust stock accordingly to ensure limited down time.

The aspock wiring options are fantastic from factory, however water ingress sitting directly behind the wheels and spray from the tow vehicle can lead to corrosion within the plugs.

By testing the lighting on all combinations ensures there is no faults from plug to bulb.

The stripped out unit with the mis-drilled hole, ensuring wiring hadn’t been caught and corrosion was minimal before redrawing with a pu adhesive.

Empty roads during coronavirus